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The mastermind behind and founder
of Success Is Simple is Panagiota Alexiou .

A deeply experienced and fully trained business Consultant and Coach, she has not only chalked up many years as a professional in the field, but also a great number of successful partnerships with businesses of all sizes as well as self-employed professionals. A multi-faceted, innovative thinker with a singular ability to translate every international development in her area into the Greek reality and market, the love for the industry she has devoted her life to is surpassed only by her love for her three children.

Panagiota Alexiou is a founding member of ICF Greece and the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Western Macedonia, and a member of BNI Greece. She has presented talks, seminars and workshops in cooperation with the Economic Chamber of Greece, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Municipality of Panorama and the business associations of Western Macedonia on topics related to careers, sales, tax issues and business development.

Alongside Success Is Simple smPC, based in Ptolemaida, she also maintains a business accounting and tax consultancy firm. She was the secretary, treasurer and vice-chair of the Association of Independent Tax Consultants of Kozani Prefecture, the public relations officer for the AIESEC student association at the University of Macedonia, and for two years was president of the Ptolemaida Chess Club, leading it to the top national league.


“My certifications as a Certified Professional Coach from the International Coach Academy in 2013, a Professional Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation in 2018 and as a Global Career Development Facilitator from the National Board for Certified Counsellors mean a lot for entrepreneurs who place their trust in me. However, the 3,090 hours of ‘flight time’ (1,740 coaching & 1,350 training) I have already accumulated over the course of my career, by interacting and guiding businesses at all levels and self-employed professionals, mean a lot more.


Each of these hours was an opportunity to successfully apply all the modern and tried-and-tested techniques and practices I have learned from my many years of training in coaching. By designing and implementing a unique blend of knowledge, experience and techniques, I’ve managed to safely guide entrepreneurs, companies and businesses along the path to transitioning from ‘I want’ to ‘I can’, spectacularly changing their course and driving their advancement.”


“As an economist and holder of an MBA, I can enhance the potential and advantage that coaching can offer an entrepreneur, while also taking into account all of the financial parameters that define the philosophy, objectives and operation of their business. It is this combination that places Success Is Simple at the forefront of its field, offering a spherical and integrated approach to the needs of businesses and professionals who not only want to acquire a new philosophy of life, but also to change their relationship with themselves, their work, their associates, their goals, profits, time and life itself.”


Panagiota Alexiou


I have always believed that when embarking on a journey, the destination is not important. Nor is the route you take. What is important is the point of departure. From where and how you set off. The starting point for every person I work with is their personality, philosophy, their strongly held values and their objectives. These things will determine the final destination, what they will encounter en route, the obstacles and the tools that will be available along the way.

By applying a holistic approach to the Business Coaching services I offer, I can define in the most individualised manner the ideal point of departure for every person and then guide them with precision and safety to each subsequent step. Working with internationally recognised methods and practices, I can make a crucial contribution to every aspect and nuance of the client’s personality in the most appropriate manner so that the changes they make results in their own professional growth and advancement.

Together, we can alter the course charted so far and redesign the path. We will work together to pinpoint everything that is holding you back, to avoid any rough roads paved with habits that create obstacles, discover pathways that will save you time and effort, emerge on to a highway of broader understanding and a new philosophy on how to manage a number of challenges in your life. And all of this takes place in a modern, reliable and highly effective environment of interaction and guidance where the top priority is to take action and adopt meaningful practices that can be readily applied and have a real impact on your personal and professional life.