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Team Management (for maximum productivity)

Team Management (for maximum productivity)

The most important asset any business has is its people. When many people need to work together towards a common goal, all members of the team must function seamlessly and effectively. Through the “Team Management” programme, you’ll learn methods and acquire the necessary knowledge to select people to make up and work in teams that can rise to the modern challenges of the market by effectively serving your business’ objectives.

After completing the programme, you will be able to:

  • Ensure proper communication amongst the members of your team.
  • Eliminate potential problems that might naturally arise when several people work together in a business setting.
  • Organise solid and fully functional teams.
  • Assign the appropriate competencies and roles to the people on your team.
  • Guide, motivate and inspire each team member appropriately so they can always give their best.
  • Minimise errors and omissions by your team members.
  • Create a working environment based on the values of team spirit and cooperation.
  • Improve the performance and productivity of your team members.

Training duration: