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Success in New Businesses (Entrepreneur Self-improvement)

Success in New Businesses (Entrepreneur Self-improvement)

These days, business presents unique challenges for every professional. It is even truer for younger people who have either decided to start their own business or take on a leading role in an existing company. Lack of knowledge or experience and personal fears are just the tip of the iceberg for our own personal development. It makes sense that this would be reflected in the management style of any person taking on a new role. The “Success in New Businesses (Entrepreneur Self-improvement)” programme aims at strengthening your personality as a future entrepreneur from a self-improvement perspective that will be reflected in all aspects of your business activity.

After completing the programme, you will be able to:

  • Develop your business based on strategy, methods and tools that rely on clear, logical thinking.
  • Clarify, define and implement your goals through practical and highly effective actions.
  • Gain confidence in yourself and self-assurance about the skills you have as an individual and as a professional.
  • Prepare yourself by making the most of your strengths.
  • Create the life you’ve always dreamed of by working to make your own desires a reality.
  • Enhance your own resilience by adopting a positive philosophy of life featuring the best version of yourself.

Training duration: