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Coaching is a modern scientific method used to mobilise and support individuals that aims to encourage them to take action in a number of areas of their life. When these areas are related to our professional lives, the service is referred to as Business Coaching.

Though it uses many of the tools of the humanities, Coaching has also developed its own approaches, based on innovative methods that take into consideration a number of characteristics directly related to the function of the human brain, personality development, vocabulary, body language and so on. In reality, Coaching focuses on changing misconceptions, transforming theory into praxis and action to realistically change the participant’s situation.

What is a session ?

How long does it last?

What input is required by
the Coachee?

Neuro Change Practitioner

It is the period of time during which there is direct contact and interaction between the Coach and Coachee. It is an in-person or online confidential meeting.

Depending on the Coachee’s needs, the length and number of sessions that will be required are determined to successfully implement their selected programme. Each session lasts 60 minutes.

A conscious desire for change, complete trust in the Coaching experience so you feel safe when answering the Coach’s questions and a true desire to devote as much time and effort as needed for Coaching to succeed.

The Neuro Change method is the ultimate practical application of all the unique advantages that the science of neuroplasticity can offer human beings. As a constantly evolving method, it follows all discoveries related to the function of neurons in the human brain and the connections that are created. These connections, or synapses, are related to how behaviours emerge and decisions are made, how we react, how we manage stimuli and in general anything that determines the function of human thought and behaviour. The Neuro Change method is the only one to provide documented growth with tools that ensure lifelong change that had not been possible until now.
The tools support the change you are aiming for and open the way to a life with purpose and success.

The Neuro Change Practitioner programme is the first of 3 stages and leads to a practitioner credential following examination by the Neuro Change Institute. It is structured to prepare candidates to become part of this advancement and in turn to offer their services, whether in cooperation with Institute members or not. The programme runs for 12 weeks and is enriched with “MasterMind Groups” for programme participants and Master Trainers from other countries.