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August 1, 2022
Four Ways to Discover What Truly Inspires You

When you feel inspired, you are more likely to tackle your goals head-on – thus making it easier and more rewarding to act consistently each day. However, while it is a great tool to use, it can be hard to find as what inspires you may not inspire another. It takes time and a full understanding of yourself to see what truly inspires you and to reap maximum benefits. The following are four ways to discover what inspires you:

Evaluate and Question Yourself

Take the time to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Always schedule alone time to challenge your thoughts or ideas without the influence of others. Do you even know how you define inspiration? Do you feel more connected to people, things, or ideas? Do you know what motivates you? If you cannot answer, you need more time for personal evaluation and reflection.

Try Something New Weekly Find something new to challenge yourself with each week.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things now and then allows you to gain a fresh outlook. When you get that unique perspective, it makes it easier to focus on understanding yourself and what you want from life. Again, the more you truly get to know yourself, the easier finding inspiration will be.

Read Often

Research and knowledge are key. You can’t possibly know everything in the world. If you don’t feel inspired or have trouble finding it, you probably don’t know about it yet. As they commonly say, increased knowledge is increased power. Add a new book to your monthly routine and pick different topics or niches that pique your interests.

Look to Nature or Others

Get outside or ask your best friend and loved ones what inspires them the most. While this may not be the same things as for you, your friends and loved ones are more likely to have better ideas, as they say you are the average of the ten people you are around the most. Breaking out into nature is also a way to give you that time to be alone to think more freely and peacefully.


Don’t let your productivity hinder you because you haven’t found what truly inspires you. Instead, commit to mindfulness and gaining knowledge about yourself or various topics of interest to make the process easier. Never be afraid to ask your friends or loved ones for advice because, for the most part, they likely want the best for you just like you do for them.

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